Join our Christian Social Platform. Become a founding member and helping this new network grow by participating and inviting your friends and family to join. All "true" members of the Body of Christ are important and needed for the edification of the entire Body. 

Most of us are engaged on some type of secular social media platform, but where do we go online to connect with fellow believers on issues of faith? How are we fed and by whom? The reality is that the mere mention of God on one of today's popular secular social media platforms is often met with disdain or open hostility. Secular social media may have a place in many of our lives, but our goal is to create an online Christian community that prayerfully looks to God's Word for the Truth. We know that when we stand before Him, the opinions or teachings of any person will have no value. The only thing that is going to stand is God's Word. Our desire is for our members to be  strengthened, challenged and encouraged by daily, Bible-based engagement with fellow believers and Christian leaders who are firmly rooted in the Truth. Tour of Truth offers a variety of ways for you to listen, share, teach and learn about some of the most important  topics facing the modern Christian.

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